ImperiHome offre une solution unique de gestion et visualisation de données multi-sources : Private, Self ou Open Data. La Smart Home et la Smart City ne font qu’un.

ImperiHome is the first unified platform for smart homes in smart cities. It drives all the home automation functions of your home, but above all keeps your home usefully connected to the city and collects all the open data you need, in and out of home.

ImperHome’s philosophy is to consider home as part of a global urban open ecosystem. Home is always part of a district, with roads (to go to work or to school), transportation networks, weather, air quality issues, energy consumption… Home is not alone, and life is a continuum between home and other places in proximity.

Twenty years ago, people were already talking about “smart homes”. But because of the feud between proprietary solutions, trying to impose on customers their specific protocols and prices, and because of the vision of a home as a closed environment, it turned out to be an illusory market. Many connected devices were invented for smart homes this last decade. Some of them are not useful, and may be replaced by a “central home intelligence”, fed in data by numerous sources: open data from the city, sensors, satellites, utility meters…

What smart homes’ inhabitants need is real time information in a simple way, not single function objects dedicated to one type of information only. Thanks to feedback, every smart home may also contribute to enrich the city’s open data system…

Studies show that smart homes represent 5% of today’s homes and will grow up to 40% in 2020. ImperiHome is the new generation of Smart Home able to integrate the best connected objects and Smart Hub brands, in order to connect your Home with the big city’s intelligence and open data, via a revolutionary and entirely customizable user interface.

ImperiHome is available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Try it now!

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