DeltaQ helps its clients to achieve Net-Zero Carbon by controlling the energy consumption of their buildings without sacrificing user comfort.

The predictive, proactive and continuous management of HVAC installations, which account for nearly 60% of the overall consumption of a commercial building, is the solution to quickly meet the GHG reduction targets of -55% by the end of the decade.

To do this, and given the structuring of the real estate industry, DeltaQ offers three products that allow mapping, understanding and acting in a very short time:

PROFILER: Collection of data that is often siloed (comfort/systems/energy) in current BMS systems. These data are then compared to exogenous factors (e.g. weather) to provide a detailed understanding of the actual operation of the installations. Monthly and quarterly reports are included in this assignment.

INSIGHT:  On-site audit by one of our systems/HVAC engineers to check the installations and their operation. Delivery of an energy manager report cross-referencing the data and information collected on site and the PROFILER monitoring to suggest possible improvements/adjustments be made to the existing installations and any modifications to be made to launch our artificial intelligence: AUTOPILOT.

AUTOPILOT: A true Energy Operating System (software overlay on BMS) allowing, through our AI, to collect data in real-time, but above all to automatically control buildings in an efficient manner by integrating geolocated and continuously updated weather forecasts.


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