AD Vantage is specialised in the engineering of wireless networks (WiFi, 4G-5G, TETRA, IoT).

– Outdoor radio engineering: Radio coverage studies for new sites or network lifetime, LoRa design for industrials, Design for transport axes. 3G/4G/INPT engineering, ATOLL, ICS Telecom (in-house)

– Indoor radio engineering: Coverage studies (offices, malls, tunnels), Ibwave >5G licence, Nemo, Tems, Active & passive SAR

– FH transmission engineering: (Line of sight studies, FH link assessment, interference calculations, COMSIS declaration), Pathloss IQ Link, ATOLL Trans

– Detailed execution engineering: Radio & Transmission parameterisation of a new site, Ipeisation, Transmission optimisation, COMSIS, DIM and DIVP, Operator database update (neighbourhood, parameterisation, Tilts) ( OCEAN, ATOLL, RR, RRCAP, RRTRANS, IQ Link, Declaran, Ingénieries CROZON Rouge & Bleue )

– Audit of mobile coverage via NEMO: Coverage studies, highlighting of malfunctions. Nemo Air Walker, Nemo Analyse.

– Radio network optimisation: 2G/3G/4G audits from OMC’s operations, OCEAN, RRCAP, RRTRANS, OMC form NOKIA

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