B2ai supports you in the implementation of automation systems and / or supervision of Technical Building Management / Centralized Technical Management (GTB / GTC) in tertiary / industrial buildings; and “smart home” installations in the residential or small tertiary sector.


The fields in which our services are exercised or are applicable are diverse. Nowadays, in whatever structure, supervisory systems are becoming almost systematic.

Our tertiary Application:

  • Small / medium / large office building
  • Pool / Gym / School
  • Hospital
  • Industry / Logistics platform
  • Datacenter
  • Hotel / Outdoor hotel

GTC / GTB supervision

We integrate the standard building protocols into the defined supervision solution and set up an intuitive and homogeneous monitoring for all building equipment:

  • Heating Air Conditioning
  • Ventilation / Air treatment
  • Strong / Weak current
  • Terminal regulation units (Air conditioning / Lighting / Store)
  • etc…

Automation and regulation

We offer complete automation and supervision solutions to effectively control the technical bodies that make up today’s building:

  • Air treatment plants
  • Under stations
  • Terminal regulations
  • Lights
  • Openers
  • Various automation
  • etc… 

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